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Application 'properties/actions' export to JSON, XML, or similar

Since PowerApps does not have source code text files, it would be extremely helpful to simply have an export feature that would send the basic properties and actions of your app to a text file in JSON format or similar.  I would use this to quickly use text comparison tools to check what was changed in a version and to search changes to actions or properties.  I could also fully describe the 'versions' of my changes in Git or some other source control.  Mainly it would be used to help ensure I didn't make some silly change to the application that was unintended.  Please, please, pretty please add this feature.


What I am thinking would simply be a JSON representation of the application settings (below is a rough idea):


{ "TheFirstScreen": { "Label1": [ { "Text": 8}, { "Auto height": "off"}] },

{ "TheSecondScreen": { "Icon7": [ { "Display mode": "edit"}, { "Visible": "on"}] }





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I have to maintain PowerApps applications developed by others and it is very difficult to find all impacts of a change in the current interface as you have to look at many controls' properties values. For example, if we need to add a new parameter to a form, I need to find all "Navigate" function to that form that exist in the application, and they can be almost anywhere. 


Having such an export will allow us to search for impacts using standard text editors (notepad++) and then target the modifications. HUGE efficacity gain for maintaining applications.


From my point of view, this is a critical improvement needed for corporate level applications.

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I'm upvoting this, but I think it's already being worked on by the team and will be part of a later update/inclusion. @mehdis mentioned this on github here in unsupported tools -
Tool: PowerApps Review Tool

I've been using it for a while now and honestly it would be the most useful thing to be added to PowerApps in a Long time. I have hundreds if not thousands of properties that pull data from a local collection or from a sharepoint list and this has made changes to any of that a breeze - Just open the app in question as a .msapp file after saving down from cloud, then export it to JSON using the review tool and then use VScode to find all xxx - Saves me SO much time when changing anything because I can instantly tell exactly where and what object still has a legacy setting/value.