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Attach a file to form

I'd like to be able to use a control like the Add Picture button, but for Files of any type.


The control would open up a file picker, I could select the file and then I can upload the same as content from Add Picture.


For example, my current need is to attach a document (doc, ppt, pdf, etc) to an Annotation to a Case in Dynamics 365.

Status: Completed

Review details on this feature release in the following blogs and video tutorials:




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Any update on when this feature will be availible?





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I have been struggling with this - like all of you guys. 

What I did to over come this was : 


Create a button with an onselect to an URL.. This url is to a sharepoint library. I used SharePoint designer to create a variable on the url so I can pass over column data. So therefore something like rthis ?DocumentType=CV. Then within the doucment library you can attach a document , with the correct doucment type on it as metadata. 


Hope this helps someone, unitl they eventually put this much desired feature into Powerapps. 





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Any news about this planned task ? It has been a while..

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I know its not the best way to do it and i didnt tested properly, but you can use the Multimedia Control for any format.







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Any news on this and when we can expect the next full update for powerapps - this and a number of issues with date, datatables etc are preventing powerapps from really being a tool we can utilise in our company.

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That's taking a long time..... a least we which have some news please

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I also have need for this feature cited .  hope it gets added to POWERApps soon   Smiley Very Happy

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Is all we need
Upload pdf from my Computer
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Advocate II
Every time I visit this suggestions page I discover another piece of basic functionality that doesn't currently exist in powerapps, despite active feedback from the community. Even the most cursory scope review of the services it is supposed to replace/enhance make it clear these kind of features are essential to the product's success and the fact that so many are conspicuously absent and MS is doing it's usual trick of total radio silence on the issue is eroding my enthusiasm for powerapps by the day.
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@Audrie-MSFT any updates on this? It has been set as 'Planned' a long time ago...
Can we at least have an estimate for when this will start being implemented and released?