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Attach a file to form

I'd like to be able to use a control like the Add Picture button, but for Files of any type.


The control would open up a file picker, I could select the file and then I can upload the same as content from Add Picture.


For example, my current need is to attach a document (doc, ppt, pdf, etc) to an Annotation to a Case in Dynamics 365.

Status: Completed

Review details on this feature release in the following blogs and video tutorials:




Thank you,


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Fantastic. Thanks Microsoft.
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Fantastic. Thanks Microsoft!
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Perfect! Thank you!!

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How do we implement this? I can't see the option for a file upload?

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See the attached link. Your form needs to be in Edit mode basically.
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Well, upload is one thing, but how do I give the user a dynamic list of files back (eg according to a ordernumber)? In addition, can you make this available via OneDrive (Upload to OneDrive and retrival based on a OneDrive Folder instead of Excel-madness)?

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Hi Team,


Can we attach one file to rich text filed uisng poweapps forms.




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@FilipKI am checking in to see if the limit of 10 MB has been indeed expanded to 100 MB, as you indicated in your comment from early march?


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Hi FilipK,

Is there any update regarding the exntended attachment file size from 10MB to 100MB? if yes, then when we will get it? It's is a big need for our project.


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Same here. We also need the 100 MB update...