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Attach file from OneDrive for Business

Unless I missed it, there is no clean/direct way in PowerApps to attach a file from the user's OneDrive for Business. Sure, if they're syncing OD4B to their machine, they can use the out-of-box browse behavior of the standard attachment control to get a file, but there may be cases where that won't work for the end user. For example, we have a number of folks using Chromebooks or Linux and don't have the sync option.


I have looked at the "OneDrive for Business" connection in PowerApps, but it only seems to allow you to connect to an Excel file. While I'm sure that has it's uses, a simple "Attach File From OneDrive for Business" function would be ideal.

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@WPB, that looks like a suggestion to incorporate a OneDrive/SharePoint upload mechanism into PowerApps. What I'm talking about is different. Currently, the attachment control only lets users select something from their local machine (or something synced to their local machine). I would like the ability to attach a file that already exists in a user's OneDrive or SharePoint.

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Was wondering if this capability is already available in PowerApps? As the last post is 1 year ago.

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Hey @ChadVKealey I am also trying to allow attachments from their onedrive/cloud connection.  Any luck on this endeavor?