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Attached the actual form to an email as PDF or save form in Word/Excel or PDF format to Sharepoint l

I have created a power app form from SharePoint online list.
Created a flow to send email when new item is added to list, all very easy thank you. My issue is that I want the actual form to be emailed as PDF/Word or Excel attachment to the user that completed the form or be saved in Word/Excel or PDF format. 

for compliance reasons if user complete a certain form we have to keep record of actual form submitted 

Like with Infopath i can save/submit form to a Sharepoint Library

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We have simular compliance issues as well and in our case we need a copy of our form exported as a PDF and e-mailed/printed to serve as a packing list.  

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Any progress with this since posting it? I am attempting to implement something similar within my company now.
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Hi all, there is an alternative to send the form as an HTML table via email.

This avoids the use of Flow making the whole thing less fiddly.

Depending on how detailed you want to get with formatting, it can be simple or somewhat more complex.

Here is a post on this:

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Being able to print form would be huge

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Please focus on implementing this as soon as possible. It would be immensely helpful for our organization as well.

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Updating status and adding @LanceDelano

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One technique you could consider using is to create a Word document template with Quick Part / Content Controls as I have detailed in a recent blog. At minimum it’s a viable workaround for at least some use cases.