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Auto Forms for Microsoft Flow Data Source

As I continue to build Flows to integrate with my PowerApp application, it becomes time consuming to keep manually creating controls to capture the Flow trigger data within PowerApps. For example, a user initiates a Flow via PowerApps and I need to send the request type and the users comments to the Flow. In this example, I would need to create a form with four controls (two to capture the data, one to submit the flow, and one to close the form). I thenneed to build the context variables to control the form displaying and hiding.


To get to the point - it would be great to have an out-of-the-box control for creating a form based on a Flow datasource. A user could select a form (that includes the cancel/submit buttons), select the applicable Flow, and the controls would automatically be added to the form based on the data types that Flow is expecting to receive for each variable. 


Not only would this help reduce the effort for more seasoned PowerApps users, it would also reduce the barrier to newer PowerApps users.

Status: New