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Auto-Number type column

In CDS 1.0 there was an option to make a Auto-Number type column. In the current version 2.0 this is no longer available. I would like to have this option because generating an unique number is functionality which occurs in many business scenarios for instance generating an personel number, a product number and so forth. 

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Hello - this is available now in CDS from the maker portal, you can read more about it here :

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The above thread suggests this will be returning this December. At my company we are eager to see the return of this feature because autonumbering is a core functionality to making sane custom unique ids that are specific to our company and processes. Until then we are stuck jumping through hoops by using the SDK to alter and set auto numbers:

I can't stress how necessary it is that this functionality return to the CDS UI.

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We are currently building support for the auto number format in the new entity designers UI!


You can look at our October release notes to see when we plan on shipping it. We are currently aiming for a January 2019 release. 


We are also collecting feedback from customers on how they use the auto number type, which will help inform us on how to design the UI feature. If you are interested in reaching out and providing your feedback, please feel free to contact me at



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Status changed to: Started
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That's great news!

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Couple questions:

 - Will this be a UI that facilitates this?:

 - What is the target release timeframe?

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Yes, there will be a UI in the entity designer that will support the functionality listed in the documentation that you linked. You can look at our October release notes to see when we plan on shipping it. We are currently aiming to release this month
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Excellent!! Thank you for the quick response and keep up the great work!
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Really happy to see this one coming. 

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Eagerly awaiting this one.  Crossing fingers for availability in the first half of the month.

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Friends, this is the last piece of the puzzle needed for me to ship a project.  There seem to be a large number of features listed in October release notes that haven't shipped.  It also seems like releases slowed dramatically after the holiday.

A new expectation on timing would be useful and allow me/clients to plan accordingly.

Thanks for your efforts!