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Auto Width for controls

Was wondering if it was feasible to have an auto width option similar to the auto height for some of the controls like a label or a text input box so that I can vary the width of the control according to the text in it according to some predefined conditions.

Status: New
Helper V
Helper V

This is a must-have feature

Advocate II

Yes please, this would be extremely useful for apps that are viewed on multiple different sized/resolution screens. I try my best to make the width a responsive formula, but it never fails that when I open an app that I designed for a monitor resolution, on an iPad, the text box width causes a wrap or cutoff on some of the text fields.

Regular Visitor

Agreed, this would be an excellent addition - alternatively, a new function such as TextWidth(String,Font,FontSize) 

Advocate I

I am also requesting that this feature be implemented.


This tedious implementation by a power user was the closest thing I've seen for an accurate workaround out in the wild:


Auto Width Label Generator - Power Platform Community (

Super User

As you can see @dgDHG, I (the maker of the AutoWithLabelGenerator) voted for this feature as well 😉, as I hope my component will soon be useless and replaced with a native feature that will be much efficient... 🤗

Advocate I

This is a must have, the formula doesn't always generate an accurate outcome. It should be more like a span.