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Auto-format text input

I'd like an option to auto-format text in a text input box as the user types. So a Title Case option Would Automatically Capitalise Any First Letter Or A Letter Coming After A Space Or Hyphen. An Upper Case option WOULD INPUT CAPITALS REGARDLESS. Lower Case would be useful for email addresses.


This is to make the entry of standard inputs like names, addresses and postcodes easier. It's already standard practice in plenty of apps that take data entries like these.

Status: New
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I would like to this idea to take decimal numbers, i.e. 2.4, or 2.544, with the option to set the decimal places.

Kudo Collector

3 different ways to implement a currency input mask:
1) The currency mask formatting is not visible until you submit the form (the simplest).
2) You can see the mask formatting even before submitting your form but you need to click away from the field to see the formatting (medium complexity).
3) The currency formatting is applied real time as you type in the numbers (the most complicated but the most natural way of working with currency).

Note, it's not a 100% solution but it will give you an idea.

Although I agree there should be a simpler way.