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Auto generate documentation/tutorial


We all love the process of creating an application for an organization and in our own minds the “flow” of the app is as user friendly as can be however no matter what type of organization you work for there are certain people that struggle with using the app at roll out. So we create a “how to”  for documentation. 

     I don’t know about you but I find this process to be tedious.  Snipping out images of each screen and typing up what this screen is for and what each button does. 


IDEA: a solution that at time of publishing a script is ran that loops through and takes screenshots of each form and auto fits them into a word template document for editing. 

or even better would be for it to be self contained within the app itself and a button created “on load” that opens up this documentation. 

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Checkout these community tools:


GitHub - modery/PowerDocu: Generate technical documentation from your existing Power Automate Flows ...


Also XRM Toolbox has a number of Documentation Creation & Diagram creation tools as well as plenty of other useful things.


Home  · XrmToolBox


Hope that helps!