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AutoSave doesnt work - PowerApps should be called 'PowerApps BETA'

Literally just spent all day creating a test app, and spending 3 days reading endless articles about the workarounds of trying to create a simple form submission, calculate costs, format, spent hours deselcting form cards i didnt need in order to customize....the list goes on...


I appreciate the effort to make creating an 'App' or widget using microsoft tools with no code, but this system is VERY challening to use, and not very intuitive.  I just lost a days work after leaving the PowerApps design site to navigate elsewhere, and came back to it only to realize the autosave 'every 2 minutes' didnt save anything.


In addition, you cant print a PDF or receipt file of forum submissions, etc etc.... - MICROSOFT - take a lesson from other competitors, and look at the immense guided learning youve created... this is not functional enough.  Ive been working with apps and software for the last 10 years, and every program I've used I've been able to figure out with 1-2 days...I've never done this much research to create a simple custom form, and never been disappointed at losing my work by anything else when I read/checked that my work would be saved every 2 minutes.



As a team, take a step back and breathe a deep breathe, look at the immense and detailed training tutorials and ask yourself if all of this guided learning is making life easier for people who desire to create Apps with no code.. Im in awe of the amount of articles and tutorials ive read/watched to try and figure this out and having figured out adobe premiere and other products in the past, this product is far more challenging than anything I've ever tried to learn in Adobe.


Anyways, Im giving up on PowerApps for now, hope you all find a way to make this software and integration processes more efficient.  

Status: New