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Automatic Template size corrections and various sizes of a template

I know there are these flexible galleries that change the template size, but I've run into a problem for which there is no solution. 


On my team there are managers of 60+ age and their eyesight is not particularly great. So the font size on their smartphones is huge. Inside a gallery I usually have 5-6 labels showing some text, but when font size is increased in the Android these labels automatically take 2 - 3 rows. Label size is automatic and template size is calculated according to Y property of the latest label + it's height + some margin. Two problems appear:


1. When you load the app, the information are being loaded (in my case from Sharepoitn lists), but it seems that the template size is calculated much earlier, so when the information load the screen looks messy, until you tap some of the items, in which case the template resizes and everything becomes readable. This is confusing for older members of management. 


2. Sometimes some items have more text and labels become higher, but when you scroll every template has the size of the tapped item. To resize you have to tap the item with much more text, and then every template gets resized. 


We need galleries that can have a bit more properties to solve this problem. 

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I am having the same problem! I assumed that by having a dynamic equation as the size of the template (item1.Height + item2.Height...) that the size of each gallery item would be different; sized specifically. But it appears that the template size is calculated once and never recalculated without prompting of some kind. I would love it if there was an option to turn on IndividualTemplateSize, or something like that, so that the template size is recalculated for each item.


As it stands now I've just been using the Left function to limit the number of characters displayed. This forces users to go to a different screen to see the entire thing, which is not what I would have liked.