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Automatic populate new(changed) user password to Sharepoint On-Prem dataconnection


When the user changes password in windows domain/Azure Active Directory account then the Sharepoint data-connection is remembering the old password and all our Powerapps using this sharepoint connection is not able to fecth data suddenly. No error is shown about wrong password og redirect to data-connections to change to the new password.


So all ON-PREM Sharepoint user dataconnections are In-valid with an old password for this user and the user cannot use the app anymore.


Manually solution for user

Right now the user has to goto | dataconnections and update password manually here if they can find the right Sharepoint Dataconnection themself...


The password on the dataconnection for Sharepoint Online is updated fine, but not for the On-prem Sharepoint connection.



When user change domain password, alle sharepoint dataconnections will be updated automatically with the new user password.

Right now the problem is on the On-Prem sharepoint connections.


Best regards, Jan

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I have the same issue which may cause our company to move away from using PowerApps which would be a massive disappointment as it is currently testing very well.

Our users will not manually change the SharePoint password.

It would be great if this was corrected quickly so we could continue to use PowerApps within our company.

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Please vote for this issue, thanks. /Jan

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 We stumble upon the same issue, if on-premise domain user changes his password the connector is simply returning 0 data. There should be a menu to enter the new password.

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This is a major issue in our organization where our passwords must be changed every 6 months.  Having the passwords for the connectors automatically updated would be nice, but I'd settle for just a warning that the password is outdated (or just entered incorrectly) and requesting the user enter in the new (correct) password.  Right now, I think the users are just presented with blank data with no indication of what the issue may be and no ability to change the password within the app itself.

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We have the exact same issue as described by the OP, we have just configured an On Premises Data Gateway to make PowerApps pull data from a SharePoint 2016 list, we just discovered that when the user changes his password (due to standard corporate expiration policy) then he's left with the app not working anymore, the data just isn't retrieved and there is no evidence of the credentials being invalid. Furthermore, we cannot trust the users to be able to go to PowerApps control panel and change the password by themselves.


Right now this is unuseful.

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Ran into the same issue with the On Premise Data Gateway and lost half a day trying to dig into why files were no longer dropping into a shared folder from PowerApps.