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Azure Functions Integration

Author Name: Joe WICHOWSKI
Azure Functions is a great addition to Azure - simple to understand, script, and use. However, in order for us to use this capability within Dynamics, we have to make our own special "plug-in" to interface with it. Plug-ins are difficult to manage and maintain across different instances, sandboxes, versions, customers, etc. It would be much better to give us a generic Workflow inside Dynamics, that can interface with an Azure Function. This workflow would let us develop functions that work in real-time or in the background. The Workflow should "pass in" variables via the Triggers and Bindings function. These should include ActionText, BaseURL, OrgID, CurrentRecordType, CurrentRecordID, and CurrentUserID. From there we would authenticate to Dynamics ourselves, but could use impersonation using CurrentUserID. We would know the context with CurrentRecordID. We would know "what to do" with ActionText which would be configurable inside the Workflow. See: Anyway, give us a better / easier way to develop server-side script without having to do complex and maintenance-heavy plug-ins. (I know Microsoft Flow can help integrate this now, but Flows are stored separate from Dynamics, and as such, makes it harder to keep track of and makes export/import across instances and sandboxes more complicated than necessary)
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