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The community is really good at finding PowerApps bugs. We report them nearly every day. Some of these bugs are valuable in that Microsoft can **bleep** them in the bud before they affect larger enterprise apps down the road.


Often the time and effort that goes into...

  • Stumbling across a bug
    • Potentially having it affect your work (or hours of your work)
  • Taking time to document
  • Taking time to report
  • Taking time to test
  • Taking time to follow up

... goes uncompensated. It would be great to be compensated for the time and effort we put into reporting and testing. 

Status: New
Super User

That hilarious how the forum software "bleeped" out my comment! Just an FYI, the idiom refers to pulling a bud from a plant before it blossoms into a flower.

Kudo Commander

Yeah +1 for me on this. I have submitted many myself.