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BUG - Fix Date Picker setting wrong UTC date

As I detail here, there appears to be a bug in Date Picker, where clicking on a date results in a different date being stored and returned by the control.


As you can see from dte_2, despite 21 July 2021 having been clicked, the control has stored the date 20 July 2021.


(Note that this is not a case of the local time being converted to UTC - in this case, that would result in an offset of -1 hour, not -23 hours. No conversion should be necessary, since on dte_2 I am working in UTC at all times.)


I have been in contact with PowerApps support and they have tried to claim that this is expected behaviour. I cannot accept this. On the basis of the Date Picker documentation, there is nothing to suggest that clicking on one date should result in a completely different date being chosen.

Status: New