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***BUG*** Renaming an instance of a custom component on a form updates the display values of all other instances of that components

First up - this is not an "idea", it's a bug which needs fixing.


Create a custom component in a component library - it can be a simple as a single label.  Create an input property on the custom component to pass in a display value for the label.  Set the label's text property to the value of the Parent input parameter.  Save and publish.


Import component library into an app.  Add 2 or more instances of the custom component onto a form.  Set the label of each instance to a different value.  Rename one of the instances, and watch the labels of all of the instances on the form update to match the renamed version.


Watch the video in the attached presentation to see this in action.




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Hello Matt,

Great write up!

Have passed this along to the development team


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Thanks for reporting this @MattTrinder , really appreciate great repro details/video. 

Fix for this is checked in and is expected to be available in appox 3-4 weeks timeframe. 



Hemant Gaur 

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Helper I

Is this complete? We found the exact same issue yesterday and reported it here -

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I checked with the Engineering manager and he has confirmed that the changes are being rolled out and issue is addressed. See comments in the link above.