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Barcode Generation

Now we have barcode scanning it would also be good to have barcode generation into an image. In my application this would be used for an eID Card where I need a barcode on the card. Currently I only need it to be Code 39 for an ID number but it would be nice to generate QR codes to transfere information like text or a set of values by scanning the code as well.



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This is critical to my app.  Please update the barcode scanner to support 2d scanning!!



Power Automate
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I'd appreciate the possibility to create Barcodes (or QRs) so that these could be scanned from the screen. It It would be very useful for my apps.

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If you are using SharePoint to store the records of the items you need a barcode for, you can:


  • Enable In Place Records Management site collection feature (required so you see "Information management policy settings" link to appear for the content type)
  • Create content type such as "Barcode Item"
  • Enable barcodes for this content type (under Information management policy settings)
  • Create list called "Barcode Assets"
  • Add "Barcode Item" to Barcode Assets library

You will then be able to create something like this:



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I saw the solution from CCBen, but don't know how to reply to him. A couple of questions:


1. After turning on barcode for the list on sharepoint, how to change the barcode value thru PowerApps?

2. The barcode image is created by sharepoint, how to display this barcode image in PowerApps? 


I tried above, but failed. Any comments?

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In our solution we intend to use the Plumsails component to mail merge the image Url with a word template using Flow to generate a document with a bunch of labels that can be printed off for an item. I could use mail merge to get data into SharePoint in my POC, struggled a bit to get the image embedded using the INCLUDEPICTURE but presume it's possible. There is another Plumsails component to generate a PDF document if required. We are then going to use Launch("Url to PDF") to open the document with the labels on the print the labels off although I assume you could also use a Url to an image to display the image in PowerApps directly too.

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(we didn't need to change the generated barcode value in our case)

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Advocate IV

Any news on this @Audrie-MSFT ? It would be great if not only barcodes but also QR codes could be generated!

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi folks, 

@AJM2016 @Hank @SergiP @lr We have built a Barcode generator as a resuable canvas component to reuse and share (download link)


Canvas component is a feature allows to bulid and share a group of controls. To re-use it is simple, enable the feature and import from the file. Read more about canvas component feature here. 


Check out this Github where I use to share sample components! Looking forward to hear back from you of the Barcode component, using component feature, PowerApps in general, and anything else. You can reply and @me, send in-site message, post in forum with "component" tag or @yifei03 on Twitter. 

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Although this component is great. An actual barcode generator would be even better. Currently we have scanners and systems that only recognise barcodes not QR codes. Our plan is to move forward with digital ID's using barcodes so that we can integrate seamlessly with all current systems and hardware. I'm aware there are some api's out there however a PowperApps solution would be much appreciated.