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Barcode Generation

Now we have barcode scanning it would also be good to have barcode generation into an image. In my application this would be used for an eID Card where I need a barcode on the card. Currently I only need it to be Code 39 for an ID number but it would be nice to generate QR codes to transfere information like text or a set of values by scanning the code as well.



Status: Under Review
Helper II

After reviewing the component, it's pretty simple to generate any type of label you want. You just modify the Image to point to a different URL. For example, I grabbed the link from (randomly selected barcode generator from a Google search) and copied the link address. Then I modified the Image to point there instead of the QR code site. I left the original link 


If(QRdata = "" || IsBlank(QRdata) ,"" ,"" & QRdata & "&style=197&type=C128B&width=102&height=50&xres=1&font=3")
Helper I

@yfw Hi, I've been looking into your component, looks very good. In my scenario, I need to generate a qr code and store it as a png file. Can I use this component for that ? I do not need the UI part, so when a user clicks a button in my app, I simply want to generate the QR code and save it for later use in my business process without displaying it.

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Power Apps

Hi @bouillons 

Thanks for checking the QR code component (link). I think it can work by hiding the QR image invisible in the component definition. Happy to help!

Helper I

Hi @yfw 


Upon further investigation, this does not really solve my problem, which was that I don't want a dependency on an external http service (google chart api (which is deprecated), qrserver api, or other). In my scenario I can't be dependent on a http server that is out of my control, so I finally decided to go for the flow component of Encodian.


Ideally, PowerApps should be able to generate a QR code image or file natively, as it is such an ubiquitous way of identifying an item or action using a smartphone. That, and the ability to print the QR code of course...

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@yifei03, Barcode generator component works only for Capital letter, how to make it work for lower case alphabets? 

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@yifei03, Barcode Generator work only for Capital letters, how to make it work for lower case alphabets?

Helper V

We are building an app for Registration software and we would require to generate barcode and print the badge.

Any update on this?