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✅ Barcode Scanning

Adding barcode and driver’s license scanning would be a great addition for warehouse and banking applications. Both are standardized and would allow for less manual entry.


Evan Chaki shared this idea · December 17, 2015

Status: Completed

The new Barcode scanner control is out, and we recommend it to anyone who needs to scan a barcode, QR code or data matrix codes on their mobile devices.  


The control will automatically detect PDF 417 driver's licence barcodes.


A couple of notes:

  1. Old barcode scanner control has been renamed to Web barcode scanner.  It is disabled by default and can be enabled in the experimental features settings.  We are keeping it around as it is currently the only way to scan barcodes in a web browser.
  2. The ScanBarcode function has been removed from experimental properties.  The function will still work for existing apps, but those apps should be updated to use the new Barcode scanner control.  It is the same functionality underneath, and it will store the value for you in the control, so it should be easier to use than the function.
New Member

Awesome Idea.... I was thinking, that if you could then use this as an input to drive search? you then have inventory/warehouse stock applications. the mind boggles

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+1 for this.    Could it also include QR codes please?

Kudo Collector

I am also voting for QR code scanning, this would be a fantastic addition!

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I'm voting both QR code and Barcode scanning, This would be a very great feature.


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+1 QR and Barcode + NFC for bonus points

Community Champion

I am interested in building a library inventory app. Barcode scanning and looking up in Amazon would be a powerful tool.

Helper II
Helper II

+1 for QR code (and barcode) scanning. We use QR codes for support documents. As our support TK is already in Sharepoint, this would go a long way to help us.

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Hi there,

I have been experimenting with QR from goQR and Swagger. Sadly, I have only been able to get images as text file. I am new to YAML so I might be missing something. If someone could help I would really appreciate it:


So far, I can add a Custom API, but I cant put it on a flow. Am I missing something too obvious?



# Example YAML to get you started quickly.
# Be aware that YAML has indentation based scoping.
# Code completion support is available so start typing for available options.
swagger: '2.0'

# This is your document metadata
  version: v1
  title: goQR

basePath: /v1
  - http
  - https

# Describe your paths here
  # This is a path endpoint. Change it.
    # This is a HTTP operation
      # Describe this verb here. Note: you can use markdown
      operationId: CreateQR
        - image/png
        - text/plain
      description: |
        Gets `Person` objects.
        Optional query param of **size** determines
        size of returned array
      # This is array of GET operation parameters:
        # An example parameter that is in query and is required
        - name: size
          in: query
          description: Size in pixels (100x100)
          required: true
          type: string
          default: 100x100
        - name: data
          in: query
          description: Data of QR Code
          required: true
          type: string
          default: dataaa
        - name: format
          in: query
          description: ImageFormat
          required: false
          type: string
          default: png
      # Expected responses for this operation:
        # Response code
          description: Successful response
          # A schema describing your response object.
          # Use JSON Schema format
            title: Image
            type: file


Advocate I

Any updates on this?  I can really use a "barcode scan input" for the TextBox input

on a form. This would be a great feature for any INventory management applications. 



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Just strating to look but QR scan and print to bage printer for a kiosk Application for badge printing would be a real nice option.