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Barcode scanning control reset

We are developing inventory apps by using PowerApps, for warehouse user to work efficiently, would like suggest to have barcode scanner reset funtion, currently, if barcode scanner bind with inputtext, after submit, there is no way to reset barcode scanner or binded inputtext. Also I also voted for the scan beep sound idea, those improvement will really help end user.




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Has there been a solution to this.  OnScan not working for me,  OnHidden not working.


@jgohl could you explain how you are using "OnScan" to get around this?


For me the Textinput field remains populated with barcode scan and cannot figure out how to clear.





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@OpsAppMan, I think I have a solution. I havent feild tested it and it seems to work.


Let's say we have BarCodeScanner1 and TextInput1. I want the user to either be able to type into the TextInput1, or scan a barcode to populate it.


First, I set the OnScan property of the barcode to 

Set(ScannerInput , true)

Then, I set the default property of TextInput1 to

If(ScannerInput = true , BarCodeScanner1.Value , "")

Then, you can create any sort of trigger to clear the barcode by setting it to 

Set(ScannerInput , false)

I have this either on an icon to easily clear, and also on the OnSuccess property of the form. Also, if you're using a form, you should set the false default property to Parent.Default.


Let me know if this works.

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The OnScan triggers for me on a successful read on the barcode control, the scanned data is in barcodeControl.Value.  It's as simple as that.


Are you using the new barcode control or the web version?


I am actually triggering a button select for this in my app...
OnScan Action:


Set(_textScannerInput, barcodeScannerGuid.Value);


I would suggest setting your Scanner Input text box to a global variable _textScannerInput, then when you want to clear the value you can set it to blank like so:


Set(_textScannerInput, Blank())

Hope this helps!

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@jgohl Thank you, yes I am using the new barcode control


I will try this, as I transition back into the barcode screen I am looking at clearing the text input box.  While I wait on resetbarcode feature I will try your option to get me going.  


Thanks a lot for this