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Be Able to share my apps with people out of my organization and guest people(Potential clients).

In my particular situation I work for an University and I would like to create apps to impact potencial students(potential CLIENTS) whom do not yet have an Office365 account in my organization.

Status: New
Advocate II

Just to underscore the request, this is needed for those guest users that authenticate through One Time Pass Code and not just Azure AD, External Azure AD and Microsoft accounts.

Helper III

Same here. We want to use a PowerApps form for onboarding new people. It must be a form were they can fill in details we need to create their account, create their contract, etc. Potential new staff can have all kinds of email providers and not just Azure AD, External Azure AD and Microsoft accounts.

Advocate II

I might have some good news! I was able to share an app with a guest user that didn't have a Microsoft account. After inviting the guest user, assign them a PowerApps license and then share an app with them.

Helper III

Hi @BegeNCSU, that's a lot of steps we want to avoid.

I just got a tip that PowerApps portals might be a solution so we are going to investigate and see if it will work for us.