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Be able to re-use configured screens and controls

One of my biggest pains is the lack of reusability for:

- Screens I have built in an existing app: there is no efficient and qualitative way to "import" a screen into your PowerApps.

- Configured controls: a kind of code/control library, ideally across app, would be beneficial.


This is very important in the context of team work: It allows you to pre-configure (or even "brand") controls so that all of the team members can re-use the screens/controls/...





Status: Planned
Power Apps
Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned
Power Apps

@GertVonck See if this helps:


You can curate your own set of useful templates, just go to, paste your controls, and a link will be generated for easy re-use. It isn't perfect, but I've found it helpful in many occasions (full disclosure, I'm the author :)).