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Being able to write SQL statement in the formula



It would be great if we can write our own SQL statement (Eg. Insert into '[datasource].table, values....) on the OnSelect event.

In this case, we can also run Stored Procedure command.

Currently, patch function is not very flexible. I am trying to patch a number into a decimal column but it is not working.


Please consider this.


Thank you.


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Hi @aow 


I agree this would be great.


In the meantime, see below two videos dealing with advanced queries to SQL from PowerApps (using Flow).
For SQL Azure you can use direct (native) queries:


For on-premesis SQL servers, native queries are not supported from Flow (you will get an error: operation Execute Native Sql is currently not supported using an on-prem gateway connection), so we have to use stored procedures to accomplish the same:


Please let me know if you don't come right.


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