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Better Version Control

I've been having some trouble with my app lately (Looking at you, v630 release. You wrecked pretty much everything) and thought rolling back to previous versions would somehow solve the problem. (It didn't but that's another issue).


The point is as I was dealing with that unholy mess of versions (I'm a tad paranoid ever since PowerApps Studio crashed on me one time unexpectedly and I lost nearly four hours of work and thus, save around every 10 minutes), I thought there has to be a better way of handling these.


For one, you could make a commit system or something similar. Like don't make a version for every save done in the app, make a subversion or something. It's frustrating when I know the app is working sometime in April 20 but there's like 10 versions associated with that date. I tried implementing something and a ton of little changes but it somehow didn't work but rolling back is such a pain.


OR I don't know, give me a way to name my versions so that I don't get lost in all the madness.

Status: New
Resolver I

@Anonymous, I agree and the current version controlling mechanism/system does not make any sense for a person who is in habit of saving and publishing changes. 


A simpler approach could be to allow a text input box while pulishing, where user can add his comments for what change was made. 


Probably, user can devise self made tags to simplify things. If allowed a text box, I would comment in the following way -


Feature: Added a button to check existing records

Status: Production


Or something similiar. It's hit and trail in current version controlling system.