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Better solutions view

With everyone trying out portals, I now have a scrolling marathon every time I want to work on my solution!!!! its nuts.


PLEASE can we hide these standard solutions like the common data service does with system fields and entities?


Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

Hi @Anonymous 


A great idea - I agree there is too much rubbish.  We need to sort out the wheat from the chaff.



Power Apps

Hey @Anonymous 


I'm not sure if you've used it, but the search at the top right will do a quick filter in the grid. We are discussing how to optimize this list. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.



Mike Huguet

PowerApps checker lead

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Hi Mike


A number of organisations lump all PowerApps into one environment, probably that way they can control what PowerApps can do becuase alot of IT departments are scared stiff of what PowerApps can do (I attended a PowerApps User Group meeting on this particular subject with @Anonymous ).


This results in there being an awful lot of PowerApps in an environment (10s I have even seen  100s in a tenancy has 16,000 users in it) so finding your particular PowerApps is a bit of a scrolling nightmare.


I agree you can filter by "You" which gets your PowerApps - but should I see what else everybody else is developing ?


Should the environment not filter by "You" by default ?








Kudo Kingpin

Yes please! I use the default/custom filter constantly in the entities list and even inside the entities themselves when looking at the fields. It would be fantastic to include that in the solutions list. In addition to that, I would also greatly appreciate if the search bar looked INTO the solutions, since I am often trying to find where my dang entity is hidden away at now. There is a separate idea for this here:

Impactful Individual

This would be a great idea. The ability to filter, as we can with "Views" on the "Solutions" page in would be really beneficial. Such as:

  • When we have multiple patches of a solution say to it would be nice quickly be able to see which was the last patch imported so that you know when you're importing that it's the correct solution. This will especially benefit people who do the releases, if they are not the creators of the solutions.
  • Also, as mentioned above, when there are dozens of solutions which are not created by myself, such as the portal solutions, then to filter on solutions with my publisher etc. 
  • Another nice feature that this page could do with is a "refresh" button, like there is on a "View" in a model-driven app. This screen never auto-refreshes for me, so I have to refresh my browser. It's just a nicer experience doing it within the window, rather than having to refresh the entire page.