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Biometric Authentication on PowerApps

This is a suggestion to use Biometric Authentication on PowerApps.


These days most of the Smartphones provide Finger Print Scanner authentication and it is being used by most of the apps in domains like banking as well. The proposal is being made to leverage the Biometric Finger print scanner for PowerApps on mobile devices. The devices that do not have finger print scanners would work normally.


Current experience:

- For the first time login : 2 factor authentication

- Subsequent : no login, direct access


Suggested experience:

- For the first time, have the normal 2 factor authentication

- Subsequent : Biometric login with finger print scanner

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @HemantG

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I would also look for 2FA after every time the phone is locked if biometric cant be delivered right away

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Any update?

Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @HemantG

Power Apps

@Kavishi_MSFT can you please review into this ask ?




Power Apps

Thanks for providing the feedback. This is not something we have in our roadmap right now but we will review it. 

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Hi @CWesener ,

What is the updates of this Biometrics Feature? 

I have system now waiting for this feature, using fingerprint to login and record the time in and time out.

I hope this feature is available  🙂 

Thank you 🙂

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I would use this feature in every business app I develop!

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That would also be an extremely valuable feature for the pharmaceutical industry if this feature help us complies with 21 CFR part 11. Any chance we have an update on whether this will be on the roadmap?

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The use cases for this feature are endless.  It would allow anything can be signed off with confidence.  21 CFR Part 11 clients would love it.  Even the lawyers, currently signing papers by candlelight with ink & quill, would have to accept it.

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Hello, do we have an update this topic please? @HemantG@CWesener