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Blank, flexible width gallery



There is a flexible height gallery, and it would be awesome it we could use a flexible width gallery as well. I'd like to use it to simulate tabs.


It's possible to do it today with a normal horizontal gallery, but it does not look good since some items will have lots of space, see the green rectangle in the attached image.


Horizontal gallery.pngToday I use a drop down as menu, but with a flexible with gallery it could be done as in the rectangle, just looking way nicer

Status: New
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Great! I want to implement this flexible width in gallery too, but I don't know how.

As showed in the attached image, are they fixed width?

Power Participant

Yes, in my app they are fixed width. That's why some items have so much space. I did center the labels and the text in them and it was slightly better. With a flexible width it would look very good!


Don't forget to Vote on the idea to tell MS that we want this feature!

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Found myself really wanting this today when I couldn't get Combo or Dropdowns to be large (wide) enough to read the text in a horizontal gallery.

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I need that too, as flexible header row for a "super" gallery type custom component where the column widths - hence the header widths - need to be flexible.

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Need this!

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Would love to have this.

Helper I

The reason they wont do this is because then you could create unlimited Gantt charts and they don't want that.