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Bring back auto selecting lookup value in lookup fields/columns in Unified Interface (UCI)

In Dataverse (CDS) Classic interface when you enter text in a lookup field/column and only one record is found, the form would automatically resolve the value/record. This was quite convenient especially in data entry forms. Currently in UCI, this behavior is lost and the lookup list drops down to manually select the item. Demonstration:


In Classic, pressing TAB auto-selects and user can move on to another field:



In UCI, have to select it in the list:



Bring the auto-selection back! 🙂



Status: New
Frequent Visitor

I wish I could upvote this a million times. So much less efficient.

We've used lookups as replacements for large picklist type attributes but the UCI makes these much less user friendly.

Regular Visitor

we have tons of users complaining about this since switching to UI

New Member

Thanks for putting this out there!  I just don't know how Microsoft thought this change was an improvement or more efficient.