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Bug? Editor UI tooltips shift focus

The new Editor UI tooltips on menu items has a nasty habit of shifting focus when the mouse just hovers over them.


From a usability perspective, this is super annoying - If I select the formula bar to type in a formula, my mouse only has to move a few millimeters before it's hovering over a menu item - which pops up a tooltip and removes focus from the formula bar.


When I select the formula bar I often 'bump' or move my mouse as I take my hand off it to start typing, or I move it while typing, and if I'm not actually watching the screen while I type I often miss the fact that focus has shifted - meaning I end up typing with nothing happening, or I get halfway through and then it stops.


What's worse is if I happen to hit backspace while typing and the focus isn't on the formula bar, it deletes the currently selected screen object, and if I keep typing all kinds of things start happening.  Now I'm constantly retyping formulas and having to use undo a lot.


Tooltips should not shift focus just because of pointer hovering.  Focus should only shift with Tab or Click/Select, but never hover. 


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This particular issue is driving me up the wall, too.
Is there any way to turn these annoying popups off?