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Bulk Edit Money Field

Author Name: Matt Poland

CRM 3.0 allowed bulk edit on money fields. The multi-currency nature of CRM 4.0 removed that behavior due to concerns a business may have with the potential edits users could make. A business may not want users changing currency in bulk and a business may not want users changing money values without also considering that the records may have varying currency.

A future release of CRM should consider allowing users to bulk edit money fields provided they also specify the currency. This will be benficial for single-currency organizations. For multi-currency organizations, there should be some form of an administrative control to determine whether a user is authorized to change the currency during bulk edit.

Currently money data cleanup acitivities, e.g. zero out bad data, needs to be done through either a third party tool, unsupported database access, exhaustive manual interaction, or supported custom development.

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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Thank you for your suggestion. We are considering this functionality for a future release of CRM. Karin Zimprich Program Manager Microsoft Dynamics CRM This posting is provided "as is" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
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Karin what have you DONE about this in the 1.5 years since this bug was pointed out to you? This IS a bug - not a feature request. This worked as you'd expect it to in CRM 3.0 Then in 4.0 and 2011, it does not. I have users who are reporting that they cannot do their jobs because they cannot simply perform bulk edits on currency fields. This is not something you should be considering as a discretionary feature request "to consider for a future release" when you had it working just fine in 3.0, and then you went and broke it in 4.0 and still haven't fixed it in 2011. Shouldn't it be each customers CHOICE if they want the ability to bulk edit currency fields or not? OF COURSE it should. IF a customer uses multiple currencies (I think the majority do not), then THEY can CHOOSE to enable or disable this functionality. Please get this fixed in the next rollup. The alternative is that we have customers spending hours, MANUALLY editing records because you broke this existing functionality.