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Bulk edit option for controls/properties

Currently, the only ways to edit the controls and properties of an object are:

  1. Use the formula bar
  2. Use the "Properties" tab
  3. Use the "Advanced tab

The problem with the above is that they all require editing the properties and formulas individually. The "Advanced" tab gets a little closer to being able to quickly update the properties except it doesn't always seem to show all of the properties and if the property isn't already a formula, you have to enter one in the formula bar first.


It'd be awesome to have the ability to open all of an object's controls and properties in a single text box displayed in a JSON or XML-type format. This would allow for users to be able to go in and quickly edit all of the properties in a single place, and better yet is that it would allow the copying and pasting of data from similar objects. As is, editing something like all of the colour/fill formulas on a dropdown box or combo box is a bit tedious, but having this as an option would remove that tedium.


Personally, I'd like to see it so that it doesn't update the canvas until after a button is clicked to accept the changes simply to allow for bulk updating without the application constantly trying to apply changes and slowing down the editing.

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Especially display formatting, e.g. text size and font to be changed by multi-selecting controls or cards.

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It'd be awesome to be able to bulk edit form component properties such as datacard names. There is a workaround for formatting if you use a control form item to use as reference, but just be careful as deleting this would result in changes cascading to form items that reference it.

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The idea of control linking is still a joke, it takes just as long to setup all the linking as building everything from scratch.  Come on Microsoft.

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This would be extremely helpful for those of us creating more complex apps with a multitude of screens and functionality.   The current way is acceptable for a citizen developer but it really is cumbersome for the developers building out applications.