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Business Rules Not working for locking the fields

Author Name: Harsh Chaturvedi

Business Rules Not working for locking the fields in account.

Business Rule Created:-

If Account Number contains data

Lock Account Name
Lock Address 1: Street 1
Lock Address 1: Street 2
Lock Address 1: Street 3
Lock Address 1: State/Province
Lock Address 1: ZIP/Postal Code
Lock Account Number
Lock Main Phone
Lock Address 1: City

Account-> Selected a record and opened->Added a Number in the Account number field -> Other field which were suppose to be Locked after populating the Account Number Field through Business Rule were not Locking

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This is not limited to the locking functions. I am finding alot of erroneous behaviour from business rules that use the show/hide feature. Sometime it will work on one account but not on another. Behaviour varies between browsers (currently I have the same account logged into IE 32bit and IE 64bit and my business rules are working in 32bit but not 64bit. It seems very random when it will work and when it wont.
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One point to consider: Business rule seems to fail, if one of the action fields is missing in the form. In your case, if Address1:Street1 is missing, the rule will not be executed.
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We have a Customer with a lot of rule on the account form and the rules for the same account sometimes Work and sometimes don't. We have not seen any patterns concerning browsers, roles, computers or similar. It just seems to be unstable. I agree that there seems to be bigger than just the locking mechnism in business rules.
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We have indications, though not proven, that this might be a problem for us that has surfaced in CRM 2013 SP1 UR2. Just for your information. We had no indications of error prior to installation of this update.
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Not consistent at all. Works sometimes and sometimes does not. I'm seeing this more on show/hide fields logic. Not browser specific too. Thanks!