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Business Rules for Quick View Forms

Author Name: Eric Regnier

Ability to apply business rules to specific quick view forms.

Status: New
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Status changed to: New
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Eric - what scenarios do you have in mind here? (and to be sure - you do mean quick view, not quick create?) It made me consider there should perhaps be a configurable property on a quick view form to automatically hide any empty (null) fields, since they are only taking up space and cannot be completed by the user while they are viewing this read-only form inline in another.
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BTW a just created a separate enhancement suggestion for quick create forms. Cheers
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The same scenarios as regular forms. For example if a field equals a specific value then hide/lock another field. I meant Quick View forms but since you mentioned it, it would also be a valid feature request for Quick Quick forms since we also can't specify business rules for specific Quick Create forms.
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I'd suggest a scenario being that you want to display a Quick view form, but only if certain conditions are met, otherwise hide the quick view form. Just like you can with normal fields.


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I can also see some great use for this feature. 


Specific use scenario for us - we use the 'Case Reference Panel' Quick View Form, and display it on Emails.  This gives tech agents a quick peek at relevant info from the email's regarding Case.   However, it would be great if we could hide/show fields on that panel, based on  other conditions on the Case (i.e. what category/subject the case is).

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Hi @D365Ideas_Admin, sorry somehow this post is not tied to my account so couldn't get the updates. To answer your previous question, yes it for a quick view form, not quick create although it would be great to have business rules on quick create as well.