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Button Control State Property

It would be useful to have a new property on a button control that indicates its current state i.e. when a button is pressed and held down it has a different state to when the user is not pressing it.


In combinaton with Timers this would allow buttons to be configured with additional functionality. You could have a standard action occur in the button's OnSelect function, but then have a different process occur if the button is held down for a given amount of time.


There is already a .Pressed property on the button but this doesn't appear to change to true when the button is held.

Status: New
Solution Sage

Just to add to the above. The documention for the button control describes the Pressed property as follows.


Pressed – True while a control is being pressed, false otherwise.


This to me suggests that if you hold the button down, this property would be true. This doesn't appear to be the case, hence the suggestion for a new property.

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I believe that in past PowerApps iterations that the "Pressed" property did do as the documentation suggested.


However I agree, Pressed now appears to be more of a "pulse" setting, ie: when the user presses a button it gets set and immediately unset quickly, and thus does not adhere to the documentation.


I agree that there SHOULD be the capability to tell that a button is STILL being pressed.  If the functionality of the current "Pressed" (ie: pulsed) is by design, then perhaps adding a "IsPressed", "IsStillPressed" or "IsMashed" (LOL) functionality could be used instead (or any other relevant name).