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Button.Pressed trigger an action



In Project Siena, any items (eg Shape, Box) can be triggered, example Visibility using Button.Pressed function.


- A TextBox.Visible = Button1.Pressed

- So, when PRESSING Button1, TextBox will be visible "true", and false when button is released.


I wish this function can be extended in PowerApps.

(I have tried for months and hopefully this function will restore OR maybe I am wrong in the setting?)


Moreoever, I suspect this maybe due to missing function of PRESSED as shown in tutorial.




Pressed ... not shown in PowerApps Studio


IT is possible in Project Siena


Thanks in advance.


Note:  I am using this function to trigger TImer so that I can achieve dual function

- Button.OnSelect = ShortPress

- Button.Pressed (with timer, say, 1 sec ) = LongPress


This is make the apps function better, even withotu PowerApps providing LONG PRESS function.


TQ and have a nice day.




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If you use an variable, in the OnSelect field of the button you can UpdateContext({buttonPressed:!buttonPressed}) and in the OnVisible field of the screen you put the following code UpdateContext({buttonPressed:false}). Finally in the textbox you wanna show if the button is pressed, on the Visible field you put the variable.


If you didn't understand feel free to contact me.


Best regards,

Jorge Moreira

Community Champion

Hi @jmoreira_myp


Thanks a lot for your kind sharing.


Anyway, I guess you might misunderstood my intention.

Please refer to our thread between myself and PG Staff on what am I requesting for improvement to PowerApps.


Meantime, do visit our Blogs for PowerApps on UpdateContext, too.


Anyway, thanks a lot.


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I have an app for liking and disliking outfits

I have dislikes and likes columns in my excel data. 

On the app I made LIKE and DISLIKE buttons. 

I set the onselect property of like button as: UpdateContext( {LIKESVAR: (LIKESVAR + 1)} )

and default property of the datacard as: LIKESVAR + LIKES 

When I run the app and click like, the value in LIKES increases but the excel data doesn't get updated. How can I do that? 



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