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CDM: Allow blank entries

In Excel tables, I can keep entries or certain columns of an entry blank "". This helps me locate incomplete or work-in-progress items.



But since CDM validates the data according to values, text, etc., I am not able to achieve blank records. By default, columns that are numbers fill in a 0 when I try to make a blank. I see 0 and blank as two different situations, which is very beneficial to formulas overall. When I want a blank to be zero, that can be done with Value(), Len() or any other creative solution, so it's more flexible to allow blanks.


Is there a way to allow Blanks? 

Status: Planned

as per Karthik below.

Power Apps

Thanks for the feedback! We are looking at supporting Null or empty values in upcoming sprints.

Community Champion

Thank you for the speedy reply. I look forward to the update.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned

as per Karthik below.