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CDM Entity's Queries

If CDM Entity is equivalent to a Table, CDM needs to introduce Entity's Queries.

Status: Planned
PowerApps Staff



FYI: We like the term entity, because it suggests a logical collection of fields decoupled from the way the data is stored (in tables). 


We will have a C# SDK that you will be able to use to query over data. Stay tuned.

Level 10

Hi @pvillads, same here i like the term Entity.


Speaking about C# SDK are you saying that i need to be familier with C# in order to make an entity query? That would be a set back!



Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Planned
Level 10

Please get the best of MS Access Web Apps to PowerApps CDS, including visually design queries.

Level 10

CDS 2.0 completes this: Views!