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CDM Layout



CDM has given a strong impact as a data-storage container. Not only the speed of saving but the quick response over


Few suggestions for consideration after couple of days using CDM:

1. Entities Grouping

- Apps normally comprises of several entities. Would suggest to have Group Titles to contain all applicable Entiries

2. Add Entity

- Confuse between Display Name and Entity Name. I suppose Entity Name is list out but in fact it is Display Name

- Is that on purpose or a mistake

3. Enumeration

- Thanks for so many standard list but in actual, that maynot be suitable, though we can modify by unlocking the field (in the case of Create App from Data)

- Can it be customzied?

4. Editing of Field Name

- Once created, editing of Field Name is prohited.

- Although this can be deleted and Add a new field, but the new field is always at the bottom and resulting in the location in EXCEL File Header (after exporting) is located at the end.

- Hence, it may not be at the location as wished. (say Length, Unitx, Qty will become Length, Qty, Unit - when Unitx is deleted and then added at the end of Field).

- Please allow move up / move down of field name for a better position in Excel.

5. Sharing of Entities / Duplication for another User

- I like the duplication of entities within the same user

- What if I design 10 entities for an App using my Own Acc and Later wish to move all the Entities for my customer, I need to re-create all the entities and add again in PowerApps, and yet the PowerApps can;t recognize those entities even though they are having the SAME Entities Name.

- What I did is - in PowerApps, delete the Entities and retype the similar name.

- Sound ridiculous.


Above are for further clarification / improvement.



Status: Under Review
Level 10

Hi hpkeong, I agree with your list.  In particular I find three things so far disturbing:


1. Confusion between display name and entity name: this is just silly.

2. The fact that you cannot change an entity name

3. The fact that you cannot change a field name

4. The Title field, please see here for discussion;

Level 10

Hi Steelman:


It is OK to say so but I think the editing staff shall take note to support programmer.


Meantime, the Title key can be changed to anyone and I agree with MS idea as each records shall be traceable.


Nonetheless, I am sure PG has seen our thread here and improvement will definitely goes on.

My confident in the Team..Kudos for you all.