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CDS Project Oakdale and Power BI

It would be great if CDS Project Oakdale would be able to work with Power BI, so that we can report/analyse the data in CDS Project Oakdale.


Power BI is the go to application for reporting, and it would be a real miss if CDS Project Oakdale was not able to utilise it.

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Hi @GarryPope I've found this way to be able to connect it to Power BI. It's an easy workaround using Power Automate 


Been working great for me so far, let me know if it helps

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Hello @rishona,

Woohoo! Great job. This worked. I was able to connect to the data. A great workaround. Thanks so much for sharing!


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Hello all,

Microsoft announced that this functionality is now available in preview. Here's the URL.

So this idea is no longer needed.