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CDS Time zone independent Date Time fields not available in Powerapps

I'm creating some PowerApps to extend D365 Talent functionality.

For some reason, none of the Date (or Date and Time) fields with Behaviour 'Time zone independent' are available in Powerapps...

Here's an example of a custom entity with 2 Date and Time fields. One is User Local, and appears in the list of fields in Power Apps, the other is Time zone independent and isn't available:

Entity Fields list

Time zone independent Field

User Local Field

List of Fields in PowerApps


User Kris Dai () confirmed this is missing functionality in PowerApps, so I'm requesting that this be implemented as soon as possible. It is important for a strategic Talent implementation in Australia.



Status: New
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This would make things much easier for those of us needing time information but only operate in 1 time zone.