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CDS as Azure database

Can we get CDS added to Azure as a database option?

Status: New
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We were searching for Azure CDS without power apps or automate. Surprised that it is not available in Azure as a separate product. Looking forward to the launch of Azure CDS

Advocate I

This idea is great! Also, A wrapper ORM that can be used in , say, ASP.NET web application to talk to this CDS database instead of SQL database. This will make the business transition way faster specially if they have existing custom systems that are expensive to move to D365 or Power Apps. 

Kudo Kingpin

Agree with the idea, but the pricing strategy needs to be more "Azure friendly" :

  • per ressource rather than per users
  • low first price-point options which can than scale as needed (Az SQL DB goes from 10$ to 10K$/month)
  • Possibility to scale/pause programatically.

Pricing on AAS is probably a good benchmark for a pure-CDS service. Do this and you got me signed up !