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COALESCE - add default value

Hi PowerApps team,


I use variables to use in my Flow() trickers. I set the variables based on textinput and comboboxes. 

I would like to use the Coalesce() formula here, but when my controls are not set then this function returns a blank() value. Issue is that I can't pass nulls to Flow(), so I have to use a large quantity of If() formulas.


What I want is a default value for the Coalesce() formula, so it could always return a value when the inputs are blank(). So
Current formula:


Coalesce(Input1, Input2, ...) // Returns a Blank() if inputs don't return a value

Future formula:


Coalesce(Input1, Input2, ..., Default) // Returns the default if inputs don't return a value.

By the way:

It should be possible for the 'default' to be a string or a number 


I also posted a thread on adding a IsNull() formula, see link IDEA: IsNull
But I prefer a default for the Coalesce() formula over this thread, because we check do multipe inputs.

This takes all the programmers a lot of time, so I hope you can address this issue soon.




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Hi @Anonymous ,


Would you be so kind as to address this thread to the right persons add your side?

Hope you believe me when I say that with realizing this it would benefit all PowerApps developers. It would literally replace tenths/hundreds of If() formula to check if a Textinput/Combobox has an input/selectedItem.

Btw, now we have to do

If(!IsBlank(Input1), Input1
,!IsBlank(Input2), Input2
,!IsBlank(Input3), Input3

// Because each combobox goes like MyCombo.Selected.Field you can hopefully 
// imagine the reduction in formula length here.








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