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CRM 2011 Developer toolkit single project or file deploy

Author Name: Rhett Clinton

The CRM 2011 Developer toolkit should allow a user to right click and deploy a single project or file instead of the whole solution.

This affects multiple developers working on the same solution.

Status: Declined
Regular Visitor
Status changed to: Declined
Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor
I 100% support and need this feature. I love the toolkit and would like to see it grow further. I'd also like to be able to export and deploy a managed solution for Production deploys (I'd do that myself if I had the source code... hint hint...)
Regular Visitor
Thanks for the feedback on this folks, I am going to close this as won’t fix for CRM 2011’s developer toolkits, however we are going accept this and move it to our feature system to look into this for a future release of the developer toolkit. Thanks for your suggestions and comments!