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CRM 2016| Add support to programatically move across cross entity business process flows stages

Author Name: Deepak Maheshwari (CRM)

Current Scenario -
While working on a project, we wanted to reduce the number of clicks a user had to perform in order to move to the next stage of a cross entity business process flow.

Unsupported Workarounds available -

Status: Under Review
Level: Powered On
Status changed to: Under Review
Level: Powered On
We also need to be able to change the Stage via API. There are many situations that tasks in a certain stage may be done in the background or externally and we need to change the Stage for these entities automatically.
Level: Powered On

I completely agree with this idea, and it should be prioritized, while stages are a great indicator of where an entity is in a business process, requiring the user to "push" it through by clicking a button is a huge time waster for end users and can cause degredation of where an entity is in the process if a user forgets to do so leading to records hanging in limbo when they are not properly progressed into the next stage. It's critical to have the flexibility of automated "stage-gating" AND user driven "stage-gating"

Level: Powered On

 this would apply to model-driven apps as well correct?