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CRM 5 Wish List

Author Name: Mark Hirst

•When searching using Quick Find for an inactive record, choosing the view for inactive records should only search the inactive records. It currently only searches the active records , and Advanced Find is the only way to search the inactive records.

•Auditing Feature required.

•Email fields - are they functional? If so, are we able to copy and paste from them? If not functional can they be made functional?

•Multiple Selection Picklists

•Deactivated records show background greyed out instead of text greyed out. Can text be greyed out too?

•Merge Duplicate COL Events and Occ Roles and Involvements?

•De-activated Contacts. When deactivating a contact record the associated Occ Roles don't deactivate as well

•Can the refresh rates for workflows be improved?

•When exporting a report to Excel, can the report name be exported as the default filename instead of a GUID. (as it used to work on CRM 3)

•Duplicate Detection – is it possible to increase the number of duplicates listed to more than the current 12 records per page ?

•Duplicate Detection – can the display order of the fields be changed on the screen which appears when a duplicate is detected ?

Status: Under Review
Level: Powered On
Status changed to: Under Review
Level: Powered On
For quickfind to be able to return Inactive results is something I've requested several times... +100000000
Level: Powered On
Thank you for your suggestion. The product team and the community cannot effectively track and vote for suggestions that contain multiple requests. Please help us by opening one suggestion per request. Regards, Nick Patrick Program Manager Microsoft Dynamics CRM This posting is provided "as is" with no warranties, and confers no rights.