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CRM On Premise

Please add a data source for Dynamics CRM On Premise.  A simple OData connection like PowerBI uses should work as well!

Status: Under Review
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned

Adding @archanan to confirm status update.

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 Hi, is there any update on this?

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Hello Guys, Is there any update on this ? I couldnt find any option to connect CRM onPremise from Powerapp. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance, 



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This is a major need !

Any hints on the timing of the release ?

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Is this in the pipeline at all?


We can connect to on prem with the SQL connector , however even adding a custom entity it doesn't seem to allow edit / new entries to the custom entity.



Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review
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 Were desperately looking for this, a Flow/LogicApps connector for Dynamics CRM On-Prem! Is there a status update?

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PowerApps is useful to us only if there is a Dynamics CRM OnPrem Connector. C'mon guys!

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Btw, just to point out, one can easily intergrade Flow/PowerApps with Dynamics by creating a custom connector to use Dynamics CRM WebAPI. Im successfully using for both get and patch operation. There's also a fantastic Dynamics rest builders to assist with creating the requests. The get operation is posted as a URL, and the Patch operation (update) is a body. Here are a few basic examples.


The get operation is the standard Odata “select” filter. For example, to retrieve the Accountid of all accounts in Arizona, I would use the following URL in the custom connector:

https://URL/OrgNAme/api/data/v8.2/accounts?$select=accountid&$filter=address1_stateorprovince eq 'Arizona'


The URL when configuring the Get action for the account entity would look like this:



Or to specify the entity name in the flow action, then the URL is this:




When performing a Patch operation, the URL when configurating the action is:



The "EntityName" is the name of the entity to update and "GUID" is the GUID of the record, These dynamics values would be populated in a flow action. The record GUIDs can be retrieved by a SQL Get Rows (using the on-prem gateway) or a Dynamic WebAPI Get.


When creating this WebAPI Patch action in a custom connector, we need to provide the body, which are the fields we wish to updates. For example, if I wish to update the City, State, Zip and Phone of an account record, the body would look like this:




These fields would be populated in the flow action with the correct values.


Use any swagger editor Notepad++ to create/modify the custom connector, or the PowerApps/flow UI (which doesn’t allow editing, only overwriting)

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One of the missing pieces in a hybrid move of on prem dynamics 365 to online dynamic 365 is the ability to move data seamlessly both directions.    Now you can purchase third party tools for this, but the way to do this is from a cost-effective approach is to use flow.  This way we can move real time data in a hybrid migraiton model to onprmeises users.   This allows the online instance to be built so it mirros the onprem instance (and valdi the business processes), then you cut over to online dynamics 365. Flow is used to move data to the on-premise so the on premises database is the master before the cutover to online.   Once this is in place, then we can start looking at real-time hybrid data move using the sql  gateway, but that is a different discussion.  Lets walk first. 


The question is what is the released date for this add on and what instance version do we need to be at to make this work.