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CRM Online "Storage Limit Reached" email alert


We are Partner Of Record (POR) for many clients. As POR for a client, we recieve email alerts regarding their Organisation. One of the alerts that we recieve is "Storage Limit Reached".

The problem I have is the email alert does not state which client is for so therefore I have no idea which client has reached their storage limit.

The the content of the emial is as follows.
Storage Limit Reached

Dear Administrator,
You have reached 80% of the storage limit for your subscription. When the storage limit is exceeded, people will be unable to add data, such as records, to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

To avoid exceeding the storage limit, we recommend the following:
1. Delete any data that you no longer need. After you delete data, it may take 24 hours to reflect the deletion. Learn how to effectively free storage space.
2. If you have the appropriate privileges, you can purchase additional storage for your subscription.

Thank you,
The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Team

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