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CRM Online storage limit should be configurable by Office 365 tenant


I am logging this product suggestion on behalf of a couple different customers who have reached out to me now.

Issue: Today the CRM Online storage limit is hard coded at 80% for CRM organizations. Administrators will get the "Storage limit exceeded" message when they have exceeded the 80% threshold.

For many organizations they have hundreds of GB's and that 80% may be normal for them. Example: a customer with 500 GB would get this message even if they had only 400GB of storage.

Feature Request: Can we make this configurable per CRM Online customer so that they can choose to set this at a higher percentage than the 80%? Example: 90%, 95%, etc.

Shawn Dieken

Status: New
Level: Powered On
Status changed to: New
Level: Powered On
Hello Shawn, Thank you for your feedback. In fact the storage limit is only exceeded at 100%, before then the CRM Online organization is fully functional. At 80%, CRM administrators will receive a storage limit notification, but it will not affect the product usage. When it reaches 100%, the creation of new records will be blocked, but you can still read and delete all the required data in order to release storage. Regards, Tudor