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CRM needs rich text / image / content editing capability Overall - in Notes, K/B Articles, etc


Our users often (intuitively, having become accustomed to this functionality in Office apps) try to copy and paste rich content with HTML/XML and images into Notes, Knowledge Base Articles, email templates, etc, and they are often frustrated/surprised at the inconsistent results. It'd be great if CRM content editing was simplified and standardized overall for end users, so that copy/paste would produce the results they expect.

Being able to embed images in K/Bs, without referencing external URLs, having hyper-linked URLs in Notes, and having richer content editing controls in general seems to be something that the product should have in it's 5th generation, or certainly by the next release.

I found these similar requests for this functionality, but nothing that seems to request this as part of an overall request - although there certainly seems to be a pattern here with this request being made:

Status: Planned

Thankyou for the suggestion. This is a great idea and we will consider it in our future roadmap.


Neerja Rewal

PM, Microsoft 

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Please also vote for "allow to display images inside E-Mails in recived E-Mails:"

New Member

It is "MUST BE" feature.

It is really business critical operation for Customer Service agents, because it is daily routine, they should respond their customer requests and provide individual information with images/screenshots by email in timely manner.

New Member

Knowing that the email client hasn't been a priority for the team over the years only proves that the stupid Gartner quadrant means more to them.